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I am reachable at platky1@gmail.com

About Me

This is me

I have a Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo which I translated into becoming a Software Engineer. I worked for a large tech company, NetSuite, which was purchased by Oracle, for several years. During my employment there I transitioned from a Junior up to a Senior Software Engineer where I was handling the development of large projects, mentoring peers, and engaging with stakeholders.

As an early ambassador of Kotlin, I ran community-focused meetups, with the support of the JetBrains team, where I both presented and organized presentations of Kotlin and its many uses.

I have always had the 'startup itch' and have attempted several projects part-time. One of these projects (Tactycs) gained some real traction and allowed me to become a full-time startup founder alongside my brother.

With the continued success of growing that startup, I am looking to leverage my skillset by rapidly iterating on more projects. I am pulling back the curtains on how I am going about this as I really enjoy engaging and sharing with the startup community.

As recommended by https://uses.tech/ some of the tech I use. Computer Processor -> AMD Ryzen 5 5600XRam -> 16GBGPU -> RTX 3060 TiMonitor -> 1440p ultrawide 100HZ Other Phone -> Pixel 6Tablet -> iPad Development Environment OS -> Windows, LinuxIDE -> Intellij šŸ”„Terminal